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Solar energy is an unlimited, free, clean resource. Nowadays, it is also a source of income and improves your quality of life. As well as using it, you can sell energy to the grid, even in small amounts, by installing your own safe, silent and above all profitable photovoltaic plant.

A photovoltaic plant will give you power for free when the sun is shining but when the weather is not so good you can take it from the grid as usual.

A well-balanced plant will let you produce what you take from the grid, so with the "Conto Energia" State Subsidy you will recoup your investment and will save quite a lot of money, year in year out. On termination of the 20-year agreement with the GSE (the electricity provider), your plant will have been paid off by the State subsidies and you’ll have a little nest-egg set aside, the plant will stay on and you won’t pay the energy you consume any more.

This means that your plant will make you save tons of CO2 and equivalent tons of oil that would have been used to produce the energy you would have needed.

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