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Also known as architecturally-integrated photovoltaic units.

 - The units replace the materials that cover the roofs, coverings, facades of buildings, so they have the same angle and architectural purpose

 - The units and their supports make up the covering of canopies, pergolas and roofs

 - The units replace the transparent or semi-transparent part of a façade or skylight, letting natural light into the building.

 – The units replace part of the soundproofing panels of sound barriers.

 – The units make up the sun-exposed part of the reflective sections embedded in the lighting features.

 – The units and their supports make up a sunshade.

 – The units replace the coating and coverings of a balustrade or parapet.

 – The units replace or complete the glass of a window.

 -  The units compose the structural features of a shutter.

 – The units make up a coating or covering which adheres to the surfaces described above.

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