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Renewable Energy is that energy that can be produced from such inexhaustible sources as the wind, the sun or sources that regenerate quickly, for instance vegetal biomasses. Unlike limited resources, such as oil, coal, gas, renewable resources are not bound to run out and produce clean energy, that is, they generate no harmful emissions.

Solar Energy is the one that can be produced from the heat generated by sunrays. In Italy just 10% of renewable energy is currently produced from the sun, while the International Energy Agency (IEA) has estimated that the potential use of all the surfaces that can host photovoltaic plants could produce 45% of the country’s energy requirement: this would mean exploiting a huge source of wealth in our country without having to completely or almost completely depend on foreign exports and dramatically reducing the risk of a power outage, which in 2003 caused great trouble in out country.

Due to its professional commitment to this area, in 2005 Cienne obtained the official Toscana Eco Efficiente award.

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