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Cienne was founded in 1975 by two schoolmates, both electrical engineers, Alfredo Corbelli and Maurizio Narra.

The two decided to join forces and work for the local companies of Carrara, and that’s how they began to apply the first industrial automatic systems.

Cienne specialises in the interfacing and connection of automatic systems for processing cycles, especially in stone processing machines, thus becoming one of the industry leaders.

After years of work and experience, the company expanded and added a design department, with new staff, to its organisation.

Cienne also grew horizontally as it became experienced in bridge cranes and automatic and manual small and large forging presses.

Nowadays, our company has been working for over 30 years and specialises in industrial automation and plants for Medium Voltage and Low Voltage installations.

The Carrara headquarters cover 2,000 square metres and include a 600 square metre warehouse, with 15 employees, including engineers, administrative and other staff; 6 vehicles, 2 trucks.

Cienne has installed approximately one thousand electric cabinets in several countries across the world, which they service online or onsite, as needed.

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Viale D. Zaccagna, 6
54031 Avenza Carrara (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 54767
Fax +39 0585 54769


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